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"The sky is an ice blue which can only happen when it’s below zero and the air is dry and clear. Here on our mountaintop we dream of the tropics; surrounded by this white we see all realms of color. Each piece becomes a landscape and a moment taken from another time, layered, ornamented, labored and loved." --MaryJane Sarvis

About MaryJane

“I always begin with pure white silk or silk velvet. For the hand painted silk pieces I block print with an individually chosen grouping of hand cut blocks. The grouping changes, so never to become too predictable, but also to tell the story of the particular inspiration of the moment.
I then set the metallic inks once dry. Finest quality silk dyes are applied by brush. The dyes are mixed and chosen per piece as well. The piece is dried, steam set, then washed and finally pressed.
The velvets are vat died in 4-8 yard pieces. All of the recipes are my own. They are steamed and prepped carefully for printing. The blocks are chosen individually in the same manner as when printing silk.
The velvet is steamed. The construction begins. “Mary Jane Sarvis

With fabric as canvas and nature as inspiration, MaryJane creates objects of virtue - that elusive quality of rare and curious beauty. Acclaimed amongst an elite clientele for her innovation in design and silk painting, MaryJane began her fabric investigations over twenty years ago as a student at Bennington College. She went on to design fabric for clients as diverse as Burton Snowboards and Mary Mcfadden, and to dress numerous celebrities.

Inspired by Fortuny’s rediscovery of the textiles of the Renaissance artisans, who layered long wearing metallic inks on fabric through block printing, MaryJane developed her own process with which to paint on fabrics, ranging from the sheerest silks to luscious velvets with the luxurious feel of fur. As demand for her exquisite artwear grew and with her interest in a variety of diverse directions, MaryJane built her post and beam studio. According to her philosophy, "Painting is an intuitive process. Cloth has life. It holds vibrations."

Painting, printmaking, fashion and anthropology unite in a cornucopia of projects you encounter taking shape within the bustling studio. Using ancient archetypal symbols, tribal patterns and the natural world, each piece -- from the smallest evening bag to the largest tapestry -- is created and stitched with the greatest care and attention to detail. The overall effect is a fusion of timeless cultures.

Each design first captures the viewer with color -- Byzantine golds, silvers, and coppers, layered on the delicate and rich hues of lapis, celadon, apricot, cerulean, violet, lime, and magenta. Beginning with pure white velvet or silk, all fabrics are either hand-dyed in small vats or hand painted with the artist’s own unique dyes. Awed by the color, the viewer then discovers the intricate designs, the architectural depth, the mystical elegance. The fabric feels sumptuous to touch as it drapes and shimmers in light. The wearer and viewer fuse in the presence of beauty.

As an artist and designer MaryJane has promoted the notion of a working collaborative devoted to altruism, progress and form. She is distinguished by her ability to work collectively with other artists in order to cultivate her aesthetic.

Throughout the years MaryJane has refined her techniques, honing them to a systematic science which is solely MaryJane. When you wear MaryJane you quietly turn heads as you enter a room. Above all -- you feel beautiful.