Cathy Apodaca

Throughout my life I have collected beads, amulets, and un-ordinary objects.

As a child I found archeology fascinating. I had such an atttraction to treasures  from the past: old artifacts, amulets, old beads, as well as arts and treasures from around the world. As a young girl I collected old beads, buttons, coins, pieces of old fabrics, trim, feathers and anything interesting. Then I took the items and made one-of-a kind pieces such as feather earrings, beaded earrrings, necklaces and so on.

I am a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and as a young teenager I would do craft shows in downtown Santa Fe with my Uncle Fred a very talented craftsman in his own right.

Today, I am still fascinated with creating exotic jewelry, co-mingling cultures and combining the very best, rarest, finest, and extraordinary Ancient and Modern Talismans, Amulets and Beads.

My home and studio are in Santa Fe, where I have raised my three sons. I love being in my studio, where I am constantly inspired and compelled to create.

Every piece takes on the energy of its wearer and has a spirit of its own.